Customer Testimonials

Great facial soap  

I find that a lot of facial soaps can dry out the skin. That's NOT the case with this great soap in a nice fresh scent. Great for neck, back and décolletage too!

Winter lifesaver  

I sliced up a bar of this soap and gave samples to the cleaners at the school where I work because they were saying how the weather and the strong cleaners they use make their hands dry and chapped. The lotion the one gentleman was using wasn't effective anymore. The next day they came in and told me what a difference your soap has made in the condition of their hands. They are no longer sore. Washing their hands with this soap had a much better feeling than the lotions they were applying and the soap did a better job. I am bringing in a detailed order sheet tomorrow with your available scents from your website since some of them don't have computers. Keep up the good work...Dandi

Great scent  

Very intriguing scent. It is basically a man's scent but I like it too.

Love this soap!  

I had a sample of the Dead Sea Mud Facial soap and loved it, so I decided to give this one a try. If possible, I love this one even more. It has a great scent and leaves my skin feeling super clean but not dried out like some facial soaps. Stock up on this!

This product is a treat for your skin  

I have tried salt and or salt/sugar scrubs before and enjoyed them. I am glad Diana is offering them! Like her soaps, they smell heavenly and feel like a treat to my skin. I am glad that I will have this product during the winter months.


Great soap. Love the smell. Fantastic price and fast shipping. Hope to do mkre buying


Makes my face feel so soft. Not drying at all so great for sensitive skin people like me.


Love this soap  

I ran out of this soap and for about a week used an other facial soap and I definitely felt the difference. When I got my order and right away started using it again felt the difference. I will keep this soap in stock..... LOVE IT!!!!!

Amazing results!!

I have a very sensitive skin and struggle to find soaps and lotions that I can use. I have now been using this soap for a bit after finding it and giving it a try and I love it. Will definitely be back for more in the future.